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Yes, I joined a MLM company and let me tell you WHY...


I still can't believe it myself, but it's true. I joined a Multi Level Marketing Company. I'm sure you're thinking: a pyramid scheme or one of "those" companies, but please take a minute to read this.


Like you, I was 100% skeptical. No, No, No, No, No. But then I tried the products. And the products were great.  And they worked.  And they had a place in my life (I mean, really, who doesnt want to age gracefully and look and feel their best?).  And I was excited about them.  And I knew that my friends and clients would be excited about these anti aging products too.


What I do know is that friends make recommendations to other friends and we trust our friends.  We ask our friends about where they got their new running sneakers, a great lipgloss, an awesome haircut and color, or a flattering pair of jeans.  We ask friends about new books to read, restaurants to go to, movies to watch etc., etc...the list goes on and on.  Friends talk and share what they like.  That's human nature.


So after learning a little more about Nerium International and the flexible business model, and seeing that a good friend of mine (also named Bonnie so how could I NOT listen?!) who was already successful in her personal training business and definitely didnt have any "extra" time to devote to another business (like me) had jumped in, I REALLY took the time to listen and learn.


I quickly saw that I had the opportunity to share a product that I loved and used AND make extra money doing so. What a simple, genius idea.  As a self-employed personal trainer and owner of a nutrition franchise, I currently work hours for dollars. I love my work and am passionate about what I do, but as a mom with 3 kids (ages 10, 7, 7), I also want to be home with them as much as possible, especially since my husband travels a lot for his job (he is also self employed).  


Nerium gives me the opportunity to NOT work hours for dollars.  I can run this business from my kitchen counter, the sidelines of the soccer field or on a beach chair.  The flexibility is amazing, and I STILL work as a trainer and nutrition coach (which I love) but this extra residual income and time freedom are amazing...and all for sharing products that I love and use with friends...something that we do every day without even realizing it.


So, I jumped into this, and I'm learning as I go, but so far, I have absolutely no regrets.  The products speak for themselves, the company was just rated #1 on Inc. 500's list for fastest growing private companies in the consumer products division AND #12 overall.   And Jeff Olson, the CEO of this awesome company, also created a magazine called "Live Happy," devoted to the happiness-success connection...I mean seriously, what's better than that?! 


That being may be interested in these anti-aging products or you may not.  You may be interested in joining my Nerium business  (I'm super fun to work with and have an unbelivable team of super positive and supportive business partners) or you may not. Or you may have a friend that may be interested in products or joining my Nerium team. Either way, thank you for supporting me!



(100% money back guarantee!)





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